Osteopathic Injury & Pain Recovery

We will help you to be the best you can be. From injury and pain management to fitness and performance optimisation; we work with you as an individual looking for the safest, fastest and most effective treatment outcome.


With our thorough and highly functional approach we ensure that we treat you and not and not just your symptoms. Our detailed patient assessment and analysis of cutting-edge diagnostic tests in monitoring your progress allow us to generate a truly personalised recovery plan for every individual patient.  Our bespoke recovery optimisation protocols are intuitive, practical and designed to unleash your wellbeing in a natural way to it’s full potential. 


We offer you an integrated health package that combines nutrition, personalised supplements, fitness and lifestyle advice, pain or injury recovery and optional wellness monitoring.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation and Performance Optimisation

In collaboration with Recover-Fast we are able to offer sports enthusiasts and professional sports teams highly specialised sports injury recovery and solutions for fast performance enhancement for optimised resilience and injury prevention. 


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