About Us

Recover Health was inspired by three generations in medicine and a family owned natural healthcare business based in Switzerland. Our ethos of collaboration with our patients combines traditional values and knowledge with current research and technology. Recover Health in Surrey works in collaboration with Recover-Fast, an established leader in sports injury rehabilitation and performance optimisation.


With a strong focus on natural and proactive treatments we work closely with you to devise solutions that work best with your body and your life. With an integrative and comprehensive approach to wellbeing, we can offer you detailed diagnostic assessments and comprehensive, personalised care. By providing practical, yet essential lifestyle and well-being solutions, Recover Health provides more than just health care, we provide motivation for healthy living.



We start supporting you with a thorough initial interview (of approximately one hour): we assess vital signs, review physical exam results including blood work and radiologic tests, determine if referrals are necessary and review your diet and supplements while suggesting adjustments (if needed). All of this information is used to create a plan to support your health for the first two weeks. After this initial period, and once we get to know you, most of your work can be done from home. Throughout this process, we cheer you on; acting as coaches, fans and teachers by answering questions, applauding your hard work, and scheduling occasional follow-up visits throughout the year. We are specialists in lifestyle modification – we create custom exercise, pain relief, injury rehabilitation, stress resilience, and women’s health and nutrition plans all focused towards you feeling positive, healthy, and reenergized! Make an appointment today and let’s get started on the recovered and improved you!


Founder Marina Smith MSc. Ost med DO ND

Life is a journey, filled with decisions and adaptation. We decide how we want to live to adapt to our environment. I chose to study osteopathic medicine and naturopathy to find the balance to make the best health decisions; safeguarding my family and my patients. Through Recover Health my passion lies in identifying the triggers in your physiology, emotional health or physical environment in order to balance and promote optimum wellness and resilience. With this integrative and comprehensive approach to natural wellbeing, my aim is to offer you detailed, diagnostic assessments and highly individualised care. I strive to encourage my patients towards healthy living through practical, but essential lifestyle and wellbeing solutions.